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Monday, August 4, 2014

Custom images

Once in awhile I get the honor of helping you create a special image from a special memory of your own. This past week I received a pic of two sisters on their birthday from back in the 70's. A lovely pic with fab outfits back when life was much simpler. I am an 80's baby but I would have loved to have born in the 50's-60's!!! So I was excited to recreate this memory!!! So here a side by side comparison for you all....
I am available a couple times a month to do custom images. I charge $20 for a single or $30 for double (two people). If you are interested just send me an email with you pic. Karleighsuedigis@hotmail.com
I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday, it is a bit gloomy here. Terrible thunderstorms that are supposed to last all week :/ 
Happy crafting friends
Hugs xxxxx

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